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Psychological Evaluation for Immigration

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What are immigration psychological evaluations?

Immigration psychological evaluations are mental health assessments available at Still Waters Therapeutic Services, LLC in which Janine Braham, MS, MS, NCC, LCPC-S evaluates you and your family’s mental well-being and how it affects your legal case.  

Psychological evaluations completed at Still Waters Therapeutic Services, LLC, can strengthen your immigration case by detailing your psychological history and getting an in-depth picture of your mental health and wellness. In addition, the evaluation helps to diagnose if a mental illness exists and make recommendations for treatment referrals too if needed.

Why might I need an immigration psychological evaluation?

Immigration psychological evaluations are beneficial for many immigrants in the United States. The evaluations can help you legally stay in the United States under the following circumstances:

Extreme Hardship Waiver and Cancellation of Removal

Identifying unique factors contributing to a client’s psychological distress such as illness; disability; professional, financial, or academic hardship; or adverse home-country conditions that would affect the petitioner or their family members.y.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

The Violence Against Women Act offers immigration benefits to women or men who have been mentally, sexually, or physically abused by their spouse who is a US citizen.  Detailing the client’s psychological symptoms which are common for domestic violence victims; assessing credibility; and where useful, explaining less common phenomena such as ways in which men are abused by female partners.

Political Asylum

Explaining psychological reasons why a client missed the one-year filing deadline, and detailing how PTSD symptoms provide evidence of the persecution they suffered. You might apply for political asylum if you’ve been subjected to abuse or mistreatment in your country of origin due to religious or political beliefs, gender, or ethnicity. 


If you’re undocumented and living in the US but show that you’ve experienced physical or mental abuse as a victim of a serious crime in the US, you may qualify for a U-Visa.


You might be eligible for a T-Visa if you or your immediate family members are victims of human trafficking and assist law enforcement by testifying against the perpetrators. You must show that being deported will cause severe or unusual harm.

What’s needed during the process of an immigration psychological evaluation?

Before immigration psychological evaluations at Still Waters Therapeutic Services, LLC, you’ll need:

  • Completed consent to treat
  • Completed intake forms
  • HIPAA forms
  • Past medical records
  • Diagnostic testing/screenings if needed

Specialists at Still Waters Therapeutic Services, LLC, are here to help you every step of the way.

What should I expect during immigration psychological evaluations?

Immigration psychological evaluations often involve:

  • Interviews with you and close family members or friends
  • Consultation with your attorney if needed
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Cognitive evaluations
  • Review of medical history and other documents
  • Comprehensive reports for your attorney

Immigration psychological evaluations often take 2-4 hours, and they sometimes occur on two separate appointment days. Janine Braham, LCPC-S  reserves a maximum of two hours for each appointment day.

She completes evaluations in English, but the opportunity to do evaluations in other languages may be available in the future. Janine Braham, LCPC-S offers all evaluations virtually via telehealth visits.

What happens during the process of an immigration psychological evaluation?

You can self-pay for immigration psychological evaluations using a credit card directly through the website. Half of the cost of an agreed-upon fee is required on scheduling of the evaluation. 

The balance fee is needed prior to releasing immigration psychological evaluations to clients or/and their attorneys. Additional fees are assessed and required if a provider must attend your court hearing, and all payments are needed prior to scheduling of that appointment.

The standard turnaround for immigration psychological evaluation reports is 14 business days or expedited 7 business days, and the fees are non-refundable. 

You can receive a copy of your psychological evaluation through a patient portal, and your provider faxes a copy to the attorney of record once an authorization for release of records is on file. 

To schedule an immigration psychological evaluation at Still Waters Therapeutic Services, LLC, please call the office.